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The school was built by Mr J Odendaal and the architect was Mr A de Villiers. Laerskool Bosveld Primary was established in 1986, 35 years ago, with only a few classes in the Foundation Phase. The opening of the school took place on 15 April 1986 with 22 staff members, 2 administrative ladies, Ms. Daisy Esterhuizen, Ms Rina Olivier and 564 learners. The first Governing Body was elected on April 24, 1986, there were24 nominations and the following persons were elected: Rev J G C Scheepers, Rev J P Robb, Mr D du Plessis, Mr J P Richter, Mr D J de Bruin, Mr M W  von Wielligh, Mr M S Mulder and Me H J Esterhuizen.

On 30 April it was decided that the name of the school would henceforth be Laerskool Bosveld and on 8 July 1986 the school uniform was determined. With the construction of the Matimba power station and the expansion of the Grootegeluk Mine, the classes became more and more. On 7 January 1987 the number of learners increased to 1029. By January 1987, the English Department had moved from Ellisras Primary School. The Foundation Phase had 6 classes for each grade group. Although it was hard work to set up a new school, with the help of dedicated staff and concerned parents, success was soon achieved.

The first Mass Athletics  event took place on 23 January, 1987. On 25 January, 1987, the school crest was introduced. The official opening was on 6 March, 1987 by Mr P H Bredenkamp, ​​Director of Education. Work on the tennis courts began on 25 June 1987.The school anthem was written by Ms. Gizella de Villiers in December 1987. On March 21, 1988, the school anthem was sung for the first time. On 25 August, 1989, the choir and percussion orchestra took part in the annual Arts Festival for the first time. The Revue group was invitedy to the “Stadskouburg”-concert on 28 May 1990. The first swimming gala took place on 27 August 1990.

On 10 May 1991 the school celebrated its fifth birthday with a Fair at Mogol Club. The school officially started as a Model-C school on 3 August 1992. School fees were R33,33 per child per month. The U / 11 and 2nd team won the cricket league on 22 August 1993. Ellaine Rogers, a Bossie learner, won the town's slogan competition on 6 May 1994. "Ellisras - Heartbeat of the Bushveld", still used today as part of the town's marketing. The school Principals were as follows:

The school Principals were as follows:
Mnr. T.L. Marais: 1986-1992
Mnr. J.S.F. Botha: 1993-1999
Mnr. C.A. Campbell: 2005-2009
Mnr. J.L. Pretorius: 2009 - currently


Om opgeleide en gekwalifiseerde onderwysers aan te stel wat leerders sal aanmoedig, sodat hulle kan ontwikkel in selfdenkende en afgeronde individue.

Om vir leerders ‘n platform te skep wat hoë gehalte akademie bied en wat leerders toegang gee tot buitemuurse-aktiwiteite waarbinne elke leerder kan groei tot sy/haar volle potensiaal.

Om ‘n toegewyde beheerliggaam en bestuurspan aan te stel wat daarna sal streef om besluite te neem tot voordeel van die skool en die skool se leerders, ouers en onderwysers.


Om elke leerder tot sy/haar volle potensiaal te ontwikkel.


Om die diversiteit in ons skool te aanvaar, want Bossies gee om.

Om die skoolreëls na te kom en uit te leef, want Bossies toon respek teenooronderwysers, mede-Bossies, ouers en besoekers.

Om ons deel te doen in die klaskamer, asook by ander aktiwiteite wat aangebiedword, want Bossies is verantwoordelik.

Om voorbeeldig te lewe en mekaar te konsidereer, want Bossies is eerlik.

Om met ons talente te woeker, want Bossies kan volhard.


To appoint trained and qualified teachers who will encourage learners to develop in self-thinking and well-rounded individuals.

To provide learners with a platform that offers high quality education and which gives learners access to extra-curricular activities within which they can grow to their full potential.

To appoint a dedicated Governing Body and Management Team who will strive to make decisions to benefit the school and the school's learners, parents and teachers.


To develop each learner to his/her full potential.


To accept the diversity in our school, because Bossies care.

To comply with the school rules and live by it, because Bossies show respect for teachers, fellow Bossies, parents and visitors.

To participate in the classroom, as well as other activities offered, because Bossies are responsible.

Living by example and contemplating each other, because Bossies are honest.

To develop talents, because Bossies can persevere.